Why become Certified Behavioral-based Ergonomic Specialist? The answer is simple:

CBES® Certification Program is the only integrated ergonomics credentialing program in the country that provides a blend of clinical-, wellness-, behavioral- and engineering- based methodologies that will enable the attendee to immediately apply the most effective strategies that will successfully prevent, manage, and reduce work and lifestyle related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and disabling illnesses.

The value of a CBES certification is obvious. MSDs are the leading cause of occupational disability today and more than 90% of these conditions are preventable by incorporating an effective integrated program involving ergonomics, behavioral modifications, and wellness interventions.

CBES® (Certified Behavioral-based Ergonomic Specialist) is a federally registered proprietary credentialing program that covers ergonomics from a unique perspective for safety and risk management professionals, ergonomic specialists, and health professionals. In 2001, after having served as an ergonomic and wellness consultant to industries internationally for more than 25 years, Dr. Richard Bunch, Ph.D., P.T., Founder and CEO of Industrial Safety and Rehabilitation Institute, Inc, and Adjunct Associate Professor at Tulane University Medical Center, developed a highly effective behavioral and clinical-based ergonomics approach to preventing MSDs and improving worker health. Today, Over 300 safety personnel, risk managers and health professionals have been certified in the CBES approach which has evolved into one of the most effective proven ergonomic programs used by corporations nationwide.

The CBES course was specifically developed by Dr. Bunch to provide a unique integrated ergonomics training that effectively addresses MSDs and the common medical disorders of an aging work population such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, etc. The CBES® Certification Program is fast paced, exciting, and comprehensive. It is fully compliant with OSHA ergonomic guidelines and addresses office/ field ergonomics, behavioral based interventions, wellness interventions.

Unlike many other ergonomic courses, The CBES course is taught only by clinical ergonomic specialists (e.g., licensed physical therapists and medical doctors). Although the CBES course adheres enthusiastically to the concept of “Engineer out the problem first” whenever possible, the CBES faculty does not adhere to limiting the ergonomic approach to only engineering interventions. Instead, CBES embraces the concept that in addition to work design issues, behavior and wellness also plays a significant role in the success of an ergonomics program.

The Behavioral designation in the CBES ergonomics course should not to be confused with behavioral-based safety courses. The behavioral component of the CBES program deals with learning how to modify behaviors to achieve optimum behavioral compliance with ergonomic interventions. Behavioral compliance is achieved by empowering the CBES student with the ability to be able to explain the clinical or physiological basis for every ergonomic intervention. This method of teaching is often lacking in many other ergonomic training courses taught by non-clinical ergonomic specialists.

Complementing ergonomics and the behavioral aspect of this course is instruction on the latest concepts in wellness interventions. As the work force is becoming more affected by medical problems related to aging, deconditioning and obesity, incorporating effective wellness strategies has become essential. As a result of CBES’s successful blending of ergonomics, behavioral modification, and wellness interventions, many attendees say that the course is not only invaluable for what it brings to their workplace, but also for what it brings to their own health improvement.

Since 2001, the CBES® approach has received only the highest acclaims from attendees. In fact, the CBES® approach was embraced by Chevron, a leader in corporate ergonomics, in their national and international training and in-house certification process known as the QWE program. Many other companies have embraced the CBES approach corporate-wide such as Entergy, Anadarko, Nebraska Public Power District, Anadarko, and Amerada Hess.

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