CBES® Credentialing Requirements

CBES® students who attend all four days of the CBES® course and pass their written examinations will receive a professional certificate of course attendance. Students that desire CBES® credentialing must successfully complete post-course CBES® requirements. Credentialing involves a 2-step assessment process that determines the student’s

  1. Understanding of knowledge and key principles imparted in the CBES course and,
  2. Abilities to competently apply CBES® knowledge and principles in actual office and field ergonomic assessments.

In order to become CBES® credentialed, each student, upon completion of the entire CBES® course, must be able to successfully pass a take-home examination and demonstrate competence in conducting both office and field ergonomic assessments according to the following criteria:

  1. CBES® Take-Home Examination: This is an open-book multiple-choice examination. This examination is administered to test the student’s knowledge of the key points addressed in the CBES® course. The CBES® examination is an excellent learning tool. Upon receipt of the CBES® Examination, the student who seeks credentialing is required to complete and return the completed CBES examination to ISR Institute within 2 weeks. A passing score of 80% is required. CBES® examination grades are maintained strictly confidential and are not shared with anyone without expressed written permission of the student. Test scores below 80% require a re-take examination with a resulting pass score to continue the credentialing process. There is no additional charge for taking one re-take examination. A 2nd re-take examination will be based on an entirely new set of questions and will require a $50 administrative fee. A Maximum of 2 re-take examinations is allowed. If a student does not obtain a passing examination score after the 2nd re-take, the student must attend the entire course again before allowed to take the CBES examination.
  2. CBES® Ergonomic Assessments: Each student desiring to be credentialed will be asked to complete 5 office and 5 field ergonomic examinations.
    1. Office Ergonomics: The CBES® office ergonomic evaluation form provided during the CBES® course must be used for all office ergonomic assessments for credentialing. Before and after photographs are required that clearly show problems and interventions.
    2. Field Ergonomics: Field ergonomic reports can be based on a specific job task or job task cycle. Different job tasks or job task cycles from the same work environment can be provided to satisfy the criteria for credentialing. At least one field ergonomic assessment must show applications of the NIOSH lift equation and the REBA analysis. The NIOSH Lift Equation and REBA work sheets (provided in the CBES® course on hard copy and electronically) with all calculations shown must be attached to the submission.

      A CBES® student may use any of the CBES® Field Ergonomic Evaluation protocols provided during the CBES® course but the use of this specific form is not required for the field report. However, the basic format for the field ergonomic reports must include:

      • CBES® Student’s name
      • Date of analysis
      • Location of analysis (provide address if appropriate)
      • Job task analyzed
      • Risk factors identified
      • Methods used to reduce or eliminate risk factors addressing
        • Engineering interventions (no cost, low cost, and high cost)
        • Administrative interventions
        • Environmental interventions and/or
        • Behavioral-based interventions
      • Photographs or video of the task analyzed

    Students are asked to take photographs of office station and field job task site in a manner that will clearly reveal the ergonomic risk factors being addressed. There is no time period requirement for the ergonomic assessments. All ergonomic evaluation forms taught in the course will be provided to students on CD for unlimited use.

  3. The student can mail hard copies of ergonomic reports with photographs and supporting data to ISR Institute (address below) or e-mail electronic versions of ergonomic assessments to ISR Institute (dr.bunch@isr-institute.com). In either case, all reports must be sent at the same time. Partial submissions will not be accepted.
  4. If reports reveal satisfactory competence and understanding of key concepts, reports will be accepted as sufficient for CBES® credentialing and maintained on file with the student’s examination. If insufficient evidence of full competency is demonstrated, the basis for constructive improvement will be provided in writing to the student. A request for an additional report or reports to address any deficiencies identified will be submitted. Once the additional report or reports are received and competency shown, then the student will be awarded CBES credentials.
  5. Once credentialed, the student will be registered at ISR Institute as being CBES® credentialed. Credentialed students will receive a professional certificate from ISR Institute, Inc. A professional plaque specifying successful fulfillment of the CBES® course and fieldwork can be requested for an additional $150.00 plus shipping charges. The credentialed student will be able to legally designate CBES® behind his/her name, indicating expertise in being a certified behavioral-based ergonomic specialist.

Mailing Examinations and Ergonomic Reports: ISR Institute, Inc. CBES Credentialing Process P.O. Box 3754 Houma, Louisiana 70361

E-mail: dr.bunch@isr-institute.com

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